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Internet Filter for the Whole Family:  Bsecure, Bsecure, Stay Protected

"I remember when I was a kid surfing the Internet for game information back in the late 1990's.  I was searching for codes for a popular game.  I clicked on a link and oops!  This wasn't a site that I should be on.  It was pornographic.  It scared me, for a few reasons, other than the obvious. I was on a school computer and could have gotten into a lot of trouble.   As the story goes, I had to report the incident and let the teacher know it was an accident.  Back then filters were not nearly as good as they are today."  -- Ryan Hutzel, Owner of RCCS

Parents ask us all the time what we recommend to keep their kid's safe from the garbage of the Net. Simple answer: Bsecure Online, Inc.  These are the professionals that genuinely care about what is viewed on your screen.  Before I introduce you to Bsecure Online, check out some of these statistics.

•  70% of teens have accidentally viewed pornography online (Kaiser Family Foundation)

•  37% of pastors admit that Internet pornography is a current struggle (Christianity Today)

•  19% of middle school students have met face to face with someone they first met online (

•  22% of middle school students know someone who has been bullied online (

 So, do you still think the Internet is safe?

Who is Bsecure Online?

Bsecure Online, Inc. based in Bristol, Tennessee has a passion for keeping children, families and small businesses safe while using the Internet.  It’s not just a motto but a commitment the company has had since its founding in 2001 as a subsidiary of Epic Secure solutions.

What they offer:


•  Instant messaging Monitoring with detailed chat logging and web activity reporting

•  Allows or blocks buddy lists and individual IM contacts

•  Customizable IM and Internet Filtering/Blocking

•  Spyware Killer/ Pop-Up Blocker

•  Keyword Filtering; Blocks profanity from a growing database of more than 12-hundred words and abbreviations

In addition to our filter, Bsecure has developed the first truly integrated Security Suite (a thin client product) that works with any Internet connection.  The Bsecure product is reliable, accurate and fast.

 McAfee Virus Scan

•  Spyware Killer

•  Firewall/Intrusion Detection

•  Identity Theft Protection

•  Anti-Virus Protection

•  Integrated Spam Filter

•  Pop-Up Blocker

If your family computer is not protected, it is like having a door wide open in your house to any predator and/or exposure to things that are against your family values.

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