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Free computer help is hard to come by these days, however Ryan’s Computer Consulting Services believes strongly in free education if one is willing to listen (or read).  During many of our on-site calls we get a lot of questions, that often don’t have much to do with why we are there.  In all these times we take the opportunity to educate and share our experience or pass it forward if you will. Computers are not meant to be feared, however the lack of understanding there uses and applications can leave one intimidated.  Please have a look at any or all of the articles on this page.  Check back often too, because we are always adding new content as it comes to our attention (and as we have the time to ad them.)  Enjoy!

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Disclaimer:  RCCS is not responsible or liable for any damage or harm that could be the result of the tips below. If you should choose to do any of the following suggestions you are doing them at your sole risk and intent.

General Computer Help:

•  Fear of Computers?

•  What Should I Do with My Old Computer?

•  Equal2New: New Used Computer Equipment

•  Optimizing Computers for Performance: PC Tune Up

•  Why Do Computers Lockup, Freeze?

•  How to Prevent Your Computer From Crashing

•  Computer Recovery Discs: How to Create

•  Understanding the Basics of the Windows Registry

•  Tips For Uninstalling Windows PreLoaded Software

•  Computer Bios (Motherboard) Batteries: Losing Time

•  Computer Beep Codes: What do They Mean?

•  Rechargeable Batteries: Which One to Buy, Differences?

•  Power Supply Failure Symptoms

Computer Turns Off On Its Own, Reboots without Warning, Windows Freezes

•  How to Keep a Computer or Laptop Dust Free

•  How Cigarette Smoke Damages a Computer

•  Cleaning LCD Screens: Right and Wrong Ways

•  Computer Fans and Their Importance: Cooling a Computer

•  What is Burning CD or DVDs? How Do I Burn CD/DVD’s?

•  Common File Extension Errors and How to Resolve Them

•  PC Email Errors and How to Easily Resolve Them

DLL Related Issues:

Best Practices For Dealing With DLL Issues

How To Put An End To Recurring DLL Errors

Laptop Related:

•  Broken Laptop Screen | LCD Replacement

•  Dog or Cat Eat Your Power Cord?

•  Laptop & Notebook Battery F.A.Q.’s

Laptop not Starting, Booting, Charging, or Freezing?

Virus & Spyware Related:

•  First Things To Do With a New Computer

•  How to Remove, Prevent Spyware and Virus Attacks

•  What is a Firewall, and Do I Need One?

Data Backup, Protection, and Recovery:

•  Hard Drive Crashed? Not Working? Clicking, Grinding, Need your Data?

•  What to Do If My Hard Drive Gets Wet and I need My Data Back?

•  iPad and iPhone Data Recovery

•  Hard Drive Defragging, It’s Important

•  Empty Computer Temporary Files and History

•  Data Backup & Protection

•  Automatic Online Data Backup

•  Disk Boot Failure Error

•  Invalid Drive Specification Error

• S.M.A.R.T. Error: The kiss of death

•  No Bootable Devices Found

Introduction to Hard Drives and Data Storage:

Search Engine Optimization and Business Opportunities:

(SEO) Road to High Traffic Success!

•  Starting an Affiliate Business: Do You Have What It Takes?

•  Why Websites Don’t Get Rich Quick: Debunking the Myth!

Internet & Networking:

•  Employee Computer Monitoring

•  Delivery Failure with E-mail Coming Out of Nowhere? E-Mail Spoofing

•  How to Create Your Own Website

•  What do I need to Setup a Wireless Home Network?

•  Way to Organize Multiple Computers in Small Office

Printer (Laser/Inkjet):

•  Common Printer Problems: Inkjet & Laser

•  How to Solve Spooler Printer Errors

•  Laser Printer, Lines On Page, Spots, Blank, Blurry, Why?

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