Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you question is not in the FAQ list, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form under the “contact us” link to the left.

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Do we accept credit cards?

Yes, we do accept credit cards.  The cards accepted are Visa, Master Card, Discover, & Paypal.

When purchasing a new custom built PC, how long does it take?

After your check or cash clears our bank account, and the orders are placed, the longest time it has taken to assemble a PC is 14 business days. The average turn around is 7 business days. This is assuming that we will be installing the PC at your location, local to the Greencastle, Mercersburg, or Hagerstown area.

If I don’t want my old computer & I give it to RCCS what happens to the data?

First and foremost, your data is destroyed via all zeros written to the hard drive and destroyed by drilling holes. Secondly, if the computer’s hardware is still of any use, it will be given to the next person in need of the part at no cost to them for the part, only the service charge will apply. RCCS never sells used parts to anyone that freely donates parts. Nor does RCCS build new computers with used parts, unless explicitly desired/or well informed by/to the owner. All used parts that are “free” are as is, where is, with no warranties. If a part is used and has been purchased by RCCS, a limited 30 day warranty is applied.

Will RCCS install components that I have already purchased?

Yes. But with no warranties, and will not be responsible for defective parts. Some suggested websites to purchase from are:,, &

Are services onsite?

Yes. We prefer to do on-site work. There are times that we must bring the computer(s) back to the shop for more advanced repair. Examples of this would be reformatting the hard drive and replacing major components such as a motherboard.

Does RCCS have an inventory or a storefront?

No. At this time, RCCS is a home based company and does not have a storefront or an inventory of new items. This has a more positive than negative effect on the end user. The positive would be that the end user will be purchasing the latest in technology and not something that has been sitting on the shelf for a month or more. The negative, while rare, is some down time in the shipping process.

Does RCCS sell or disclose personal information?

Never! Your information, whether it be your name, address, phone number, e-mail, proprietary information (data on hard drive), or the like, will never be sold, traded, or bartered to a third party. RCCS is a law abiding company, and respects your privacy.

Does RCCS warranty items sold?

Yes, with the exception of used equipment, which is rarely sold. New hardware will be backed by the manufacturer of the product or a purchased warranty which ever is greater. Some exclusions for extended warranties are but not limited to: Cases & power supplies, speakers, keyboards, mice. Most new components come with a 1 year limited warranty.  (Limited to natural cause of malfunction, not fire, flood, theft, neglect such as cigarette smoke, extreme climates, or the like.)

I need a CD/DVD to be copied, will RCCS do this for me?

Yes, only if it is not copyrighted. We will not, under any circumstances copy unlicensed to copy software. Such as, but not limited to music cd’s, Microsoft products, etc. An example of legal copying of data would be backing up a system or creating a picture disk (provided you were the one that took the pictures.)

Sales Tax?

Currently RCCS is a Pennsylvania based company with no nexus in any other state. If any item be purchased from RCCS in the state of PA, you will be required to pay PA state sales tax on applicable items. Any purchase made outside the state of PA will be fully responsible to remit to your state’s comptroller the appropriate state sales tax.  Maryland is an exception.  Maryland sales tax will be collected.

Do we Install DSL/Cable Internet Services?

Yes. We will gladly assist you in setting up your new broadband service. This service can also lead to getting your whole house Internet accessible if you like or we can connect just one computer. All you have to do is order the services through your local provider.

Does RCCS purchase used computer systems?

Yes and no. The only way we purchase any used equipment is if it’s for a credit towards a new system being built by RCCS. The value of the system is at the discretion of RCCS. A computer that is used as a credit is often dismantled and used for spare parts that are often passed onto customers at no charge for the component. If a system is given to RCCS, this is not a tax deductible donation. To further answer the question, there is no cash exchange for a computer system. An example may be that you have a 2 year old system, we may offer a $150.00 dollar credit (discount) to your order of a new computer system built by RCCS. We may not offer any credit, depending on the system’s operation status. Once a system is rendered to the possession of RCCS, it is no longer the property of the original owner. RCCS ensures data is erased or destroyed from hard drives as a security measure once surrendered to our possession.

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