Data Backup and Recovery

Secure Your Data With BackBlaze Online Unlimited Backup

Imagine getting off the plane from a recent business trip only to find your laptop to be shattered to pieces by the TSA!  No working data backup, you don’t panic, because you think to yourself, maybe you can just take the hard drive out of the laptop and hook it up to another computer to retrieve the data.  Only then do you find out that the hard drive is unresponsive.  What now?

While there are companies such as DriveSavers that can successfully recover your data, this is very expensive compared to of having an automatic backup of your data to an online service such as BackBlaze.  Backing up files is also important for a single reason:  EVERYTHING WILL FAIL EVENTUALLY!   Yes, this can even happen without warning, or accidental like the above story.  Had the above (true story, by the way,) been protected by BackBlaze, upon getting a new laptop, all the user would have needed to do is download his data back from BackBlaze.  Simple, isn’t it?

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drivesaverslogoHowever, not all data can be saved from a backup if there is no backup.  This is where DriveSavers enters the scene.  If you have a failed storage device, hard drive, flash drive, phone, etc.  They are the one stop to get it all back.  Call DriveSavers today at (800)440-1904 with discount code DS16416.  Get your life’s data back, get back the first time around.

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