Computer Sales & Upgrades

Computer Sales & Upgrades

When purchasing from Ryan’s CCS, whether a new Lenovo branded, custom built PC, and/or accessory we stand behind every product we sell.  There are so many needs from site to site, to cover all that we sell would be difficult to list, so instead below is some of the perks you or a business will get when purchasing new computer equipment from RCCS.  We are limited to the our service area on delivery unless the products are sold to drop ship (otherwise product sales only with no service.)

  • Local on-site delivery and setup included in cost of setup.
  • Data transfer from old computer to new (per computer, included in cost of setup)
  • Setup of online data backup (Subscription purchase required.)
  • 1 Year limited warranty on major components (custom pc tower & monitor)
  • E-mail support for questions about your computer for the first 30 days from purchase.
  • Any product available on the market can be obtained, if we sell it, we support it.

We have since 2004, custom built and sold many manufactured computers to residences and businesses in the local Greencastle, Hagerstown, and surrounding areas. This does not include the systems that have been upgraded by us, or non-custom built computers installed at client locations.

Types of Computers and Accessories:

We focus on what the client needs.   Whether you are looking for a mobile device or setting up an office for the first time, we can help.  Our systems range from simple computers that are for web browsing, email, and simple applications to massively powerful gaming systems and graphic workstations.  Laptops and tablets are options along with all in one units to small foot print personal computers.

Pricing and Cost:

Being that each individual’s and business needs are different, we are not able to post pricing, because there would be no real set price for a computer and it’s accessories unless it is as-built, like you would get at a local retail chain at that given time on that day.

If you would like a quote, we would be delighted to talked to you to determine your needs.

Please feel free to call us (717) 597-8687 or use our contact page to inquire.

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